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Improve Your Shooting

 Is this you?

You drive to the range, purchase a couple of boxes of cartridges, pay for a couple of rounds and off you go. You do your best to master your skills but you end up shooting a full round.

Don’t fool yourself – this is not practice – it is a private non-competition round and most of your shots will be at targets you already know you can hit! Watching the clay shatter when you fire is great for the ego and a big boost for confidence – but practise means going for those you don’t hit all the time.

Not only can it supply you with thousands of targets worth of practice but DryFire even tells you how much (to the nearest cm or ½”) you miss a target by – on all clay disciplines.

Practise, Practise, Practise!

New skills require intensive practise. Your technique needs to be automatic, to become part of your muscle memory, and the only way to do that is to practise.

DryFire allows you to practise as and when without worrying about the weather, driving down to the range or paying out for clays and cartridges. You can practise what you have learnt with your instructor in the comfort of your own bedroom, garage or shed.

To be clear – there is no substitute for a good instructor. We believe this totally and we strongly recommend regular instruction as your skills gradually improve.

An instructor will show you the right technique and will spot flaws in what you are doing. Then, once you know what to do, and what you are doing wrong, you must practise and practise until the correct technique becomes automatic – that’s where DryFire comes in.

The Dreaded Plateaus

DryFire is ideal for helping to overcome plateaus in skill. You often require instruction to help understand how to improve but afterwards it’s all down to practising with thousands of targets. A feat DryFire happens to excel at.

It is not impossible to go from a Class C to a Class A in a three months with DryFire, we have testimonials to prove it!

We also know that practising on the range trying to get to a certain level can be extremely expensive. That’s why DryFire helps your wallet too; feel free to try out our savings calculator to see just how much DryFire can help you save.

Curse of the Flinch

It happens when someone starts to anticipate the sound and recoil of the gun and this causes tension in a wide range of muscles and, as with all shooting, tension is the enemy of accuracy. Smooth and relaxed, not jerky and tense, that’s the key to success. Flinch is very difficult to cure – but DryFire can help.

DryFire allows muscle memory to build up without the sound and recoil of the gun. The DryFire software does generate a sound to simulate the noise of cartridge being fired but this can always be turned off if you prefer.

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