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DryFire Version 4

With the release of DryFire Version 4 we have included a brand new and up-to-date downloadable user guide. Do note that this is also available at any time through the help menu in the DryFire software. This remains the most authoritative source on the operation of DryFire V4 and should be consulted as a first port of call for any DryFire related support issues.

If however your issue isn’t covered in the user guide or in the below pages, you should always feel free to contact us directly.

Version 4 Support

An Ideal Setup

Camera Exposure

Configuration Checks

Getting Started

Offline Registration

Returning A Unit

Shots Not Detected

The DryFire Trigger Box

DryFire Version 3

Support documentation for DryFire Version 3 is available upon request.

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