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  • Dual Head Simulator V4

Description: A complete dual head simulator is shipped with a gun assembly, power supply, USB cable and latest version of software. Please note there is no foot switch included.

Price: €1135 (inc vat )



  •  Single Head Simulator V4

 Description: A complete single head simulator is shipped with a gun assembly, power supply, USB cable and latest version of software. Please note there is no foot switch included.

Price €835 (inc vat)


  • Squad Pack

Includes a Dual Head Simulator pack, 4 additional gun assemblies, Squadding Addon software and an official DryFire Canvas. Special introductory offer!

Price €2025 (inc vat)


  • Squadding

Description: The Squadding module allows the set up of multiple users with multiple guns shooting together at the same layout (layout dependant). Each shooter is set up with their own unique login and password. There is no limit to the number of squads that can be set up. At the end of a squadding round a squad results page is displayed which can be printed or saved locally as a PDF file. For Club use there is also the added feature of recording the purchased credits of a shooter.

Price €337 (inc vat)

  • Exercises

Description: Create Exercise Plans with the Exercises module. Developed to support the shooter in practising their identified area/target of weakness using ATA, DTL and ABT layouts. This can be used by the shooter alone or in conjunction with a program set by a coach. For Instructional Shooting with squads each individual shooter will still have the ability to work independently on his/her specific weakness. The module includes multiple exercises for the shooter to perform as well as the ability to set different target angles and even determine how many degrees the trap oscillator goes back and forth. This module also provides analysis of results which can be saved locally, printed or emailed to a coach.

Price €199 (inc vat)

  • Report Generator

Description: See your area of weakness in black & white. Report Generator produces an analysis of a shooter’s performance, an excellent tool for instructors and shooters whom are particularly focussed on improvement. It highlights your areas of weakness from your shooting results, providing you with the information you need to create exercise plans. A great addition to the Exercises module.

Price €69 (inc vat)

  • Exercises & Report Generator Bundle

Includes all the features of the Exercises and Report Generator modules at a reduced price.

Special Introductory Offer

Price €245 (inc vat)


  • Canvas

Description: Add life to your shooting room by adding a DryFire vinyl canvas wall hanging.
It is 10 feet (3m) wide by 54 inches (1.37m) tall, light, durable and printed with a state of the art linear printer.

Price €245 (inc vat)


  • Additional Gun Assembly

Description: The Gun Assembly is shipped complete with trigger box, batteries, switch and muzzle insert with cable.

Price €115 (inc vat)



  • Foot Switch Release

Description: The Foot Switch Release is a black plastic foot switch which is supplied with a 1.7m cable and is used as an alternative to calling “PULL” to release a target.

Price €15 (inc vat)


  • Spare Trigger Switch

Description: This is a spare part used in the Gun Assembly; it is the trigger switch and cable part of the Gun Assembly.

Price €31 (inc vat)




  • General Repair

Description: This option covers most small repairs, calibration and reprogramming of a simulator. Replacement parts and return shipping are not included. If you are not sure of the repair you need please contact us directly to discuss your issue.

Price €54 (inc vat)


  • Servo Replacement

Description: This option covers the cost of replacing 1 set of servos in a simulator head and the recalibration of the simulator. You arrange shipment of the simulator to us at your separate expense.

Price €199 (inc vat)


  • Board Replacement

Description: This option covers the cost of replacing 1 board in a simulator; shipping is not included.

Price €138 (inc vat)



  • Replacement PSU

In case of loss or damage replacement Power Supply Units are available.

Price €23 (inc vat)

Version 4

  • DryFire V4 Software

Description: Free upgrade for all V3 software users to V4.
• Streamlined installation – now allows swift installation on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista as well as Windows XP.
• Improved Speed – DryFire V4 has been rewritten and, as a result, it is now noticeably faster to use on the same hardware.
• Shot results – improved and displayed immediately.
• Improved “Open layout” dialog – A preview window and descriptive text for each layout.
• Improved simulated-world navigation – Improvements made to moving round the simulated-world.
• Move around the room mode – While the “Target comes to shooter” mode is retained for all layouts, a new “Move around the room” mode is available for none sporting layouts.
• Improved toolbar – Quickly select another shooter or shotgun. Icons are provided to quickly add or edit shooter or shotguns.
• Voice prompts and scores – Optional voice prompts for such things as “Next Target” or to announce your scores.
• Muzzle re-alignment while practising – It’s no longer necessary to finish practising a target or a round to re-align the shotgun muzzle insert.
Don’t miss out it really is worth upgrading your DryFire to Version 4.


  • DryFire V4 User Guide

Description: With the release of DryFire Version 4 we have included a brand new and up-to-date downloadable user guide. Do note that this is also available at any time through the help menu in the DryFire software. This remains the most authoritative source on the operation of DryFire V4 and should be consulted as a first port of call for any DryFire related support issues.


  • DryFire V4 CD

Description: An alternative upgrade method for all V3 users not wanting to directly download the upgrade via this website. V3 to V4 upgrade only. This is a physical CD shipping via Airmail delivery within 10 working days. Freely produced but delivery will vary by region and will be displayed during checkout.



***All prices above are in Euro and include vat @ 23%***

" Prices are based on the Sterling Exchange Rate on 1st aug 2012 and may change up or down based on the exchange rates on date of order. "

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