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Is DryFire a threat or an opportunity?

DryFire users can shoot 250+ targets every evening in the comfort of their own homes – with a level of feedback that is impossible outside.

Surely this must be a threat to cartridge sales, range fees and instructor courses?

Absolutely the opposite!

Let’s be realistic for a moment and take an example based on Irish prices.
A round of 25 targets cost on average between €6.00 and €8.00 in cartridges and range
fees of – lets say-€ 7

So, each evening the shooter “saves” 250 divided by 25 x €14 (ave. cost of 25 clays and
cartridges) = €140.00. (Ten rounds @ €14)
Has the shooting ground lost this income? Would the shooter have driven to the ground
every evening, no matter what the weather, and spent €140.00?
No way – it is simply not realistic – people have finite funds and their time is precious.

DryFire actually pushes shooters to spend more on cartridges etc.

A confident shooter spends more and enters more competitions.
No longer does the shooter go along for a few rounds with friends, or make “birds only”
entries on competition days.
Confident shooters spend more money – it’s as simple as that – and DryFire helps to build
that confidence.

DryFire is an opportunity

DryFire is a financial opportunity for shooting grounds and instructors – contact us for the
very special deals we can offer.

DryFire does not instruct – it provides practise

There is no substitute for a good instructor.

Instructors spot faults and they can help shooters over those plateaus that we all suffer from as we shoot more.

DryFire can help between instruction sessions by providing intense practise at what has been learned.

With DryFire the shooter can practise a bad technique and get worse – only an instructor who can spot errors and correct them.

DryFire has a track record of success

DryFire is now several years old and is in daily use by thousands of shooters world-wide.

National, International and Olympic champions use DryFire.

DryFire works and it improves scores.

Use as part of a course of instruction

DryFire can help your instruction courses and it can help your wallet via profitable sales.

Mike Lake, DryFire’s Inventor, was a teacher for 5 years and has been a qualified rifle instructor for over 30 years. He believes that there is no substitute for a good instructor with a planned course of instruction, hands-on advice and one-to-one problem solving.

DryFire is used indoors but requires the same skills: acquire, mount, swing, lead, shoot, follow-through as the real thing. If the shooter does not concentrate with DryFire, he will miss in the same way that he would miss a real clay.

DryFire is not a game. It does not project a pretty picture of the layout on a screen so that you can shoot at pheasants, partridges and rabbits! It focuses 100% on accurate clay target simulation and uses your shotgun and your choice of cartridges and chokes.

In one evening, after your session of instruction, a pupil could easily shoot between 200 and 500 practise targets in his own home. We all know that repetitive practise following detailed training is the only way to acquire new skills and to iron out existing faults.

Increased cartridge and range fee sales for shooting grounds

We know from experience that DryFire does not take business away from a shooting ground.

DryFire increases business because shooters become more confident after using DryFire and they shoot more cartridges and enter more competitions.

Sceptical instructors

We know that many people in shooting remain sceptical about simulation systems.

We know that many systems are no more than glorified arcade games with no relevance to the specific requirements of clay shooting.

We also know that many people have closed minds and believe that there is no substitute for the real thing.

It is a good job that the airline industry does not take the same attitude towards simulation or none of us would be safe in the skies!

Closed-minded means being unwilling to try anything new.

  • “If it was good enough in the 19th century, it is good enough now!”

  • “These computers are just a passing fad – besides which, I don’t understand them so I refuse to try them!”

  • “I know everything there is to know about shooting – there is nothing you can teach me.”

  • “Don’t argue! What I say, goes!”

Open-minded means giving everything a try. If it works and you are happy with it, then great – you benefit and your pupils benefit.

Excellent instruction plus excellent profit

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