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Shots Not Detected

DryFire V4 doesn’t detect shots

If DryFire V4 doesn’t detect your shots when you shoot at the visible red laser using the DryFire gun assembly, try the following:

  • Check that the red LED on the red trigger box flashes each time you press the trigger switch (don’t press the trigger switch more than once per second while testing).
    If the red LED flashes when you release the switch, rather than when you press the switch, then the trigger is operating in “set/release mode”. To revert to the normal “press to shoot” mode:Check that there is no direct sunlight (or other background source of infra-red light) onto either the projection wall or the simulator.

    • Take the batteries out of the red trigger box.

    • While the trigger switch is connected to the red trigger box, hold down the trigger switch for 15 secs.

    • Put the batteries back into the red trigger box.

    If it does not flash consistently, try replacing the 3xLR44/AG13 batteries in the red trigger box.

  • Check that the simulator is registered by selecting the “Help, Registration and features” menu in DryFire V4 – if you see the dialog below then your simulator IS registered.

    If you don’t see the above dialog, complete the registration process (which requires you to receive a key via email and enter it into DryFire to confirm the registration).

  • Select the “Setup, Automatic camera exposure” menu and click the “Start” button to cause DryFire to scan the projection wall for infra-red light and set a starting camera exposure value for each head.

If shots still aren’t consistently detected:

  • Select the “Setup, System configuration” menu and increase by 4 the “Camera 1 exposure” and “Camera 2 exposure” values then click the “OK” button and retest.

    If shots still aren’t consistently detected, increase the “Camera 1 exposure” and “Camera 2 exposure” values by 4 again and retested – repeat this process until shots are consistently detected.

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