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Returning A Unit

Packing Details

If you are returning a unit to us please see the two photos below and follow these instructions:

  • Make sure everything is secure and that nothing can rattle around inside the packaging.

  • Place folded card between each head and its bracket so that it cannot bounce up and down within the bracket.

  • Place the simulator in a large plastic bag then use tape to bind the outside of the bag firmly over each head so that the head cannot move.

Never use sticky tape on the simulator!

Do not tape the heads down inside the bag – tape is horribly sticky and creates a mess when removed – tape round the outside of the bag to avoid this.

Pack the whole thing tightly and securely in a suitable box.

If it can move it will move. If it moves it will bounce. If it bounces it will be damaged.

  • Please use a box for shipping – not a shipper’s paper/plastic envelope.

  • Use plenty of loose-fill (white plastic bits) or other suitable filler – make sure that the simulator cannot move about inside the box. Shake the box to check that the simulator does not move inside it.

  • Add a note (and copies of any emails exchanged) inside the box showing what you have included in the box and why you have sent the system back.

    Note: Cardboard packing between the head and its bracket

    Note: The tape is on the outside of plastic bag to hold the heads tightly down so that  they do not bounce in transit.

    Note: Wordcraft International Ltd reserves the right to charge for repairing damage caused during transit.

    Our Shipping Address

    Wordcraft International Ltd
    Park Hill
    Hilton Road
    DE65 6GU
    United Kingdom

    Return Shipping

    For return shipping we need your:

    • Return address (it must be a physical address – not a PO box number)

    • Email address

    • Contact telephone number.

    Note: Wordcraft International Ltd. recommends UPS for any shipping.

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