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Add On Modules

Basic Module

The DryFire V4 Basic Module comes as part of the simulator bundle which also comes with one full gun assembly and 3 months warranty (or 10,000 targets, whichever comes first).

Includes all features necessary to set up the DryFire room, user and gun details. This module supports all known disciplines including trap, skeet and sporting.

This module forms the basis of DryFire and is required before the other optional modules can be added.

Squadding Module

The Squadding module allows for the set up of multiple users with multiple guns shooting together at the same layout (layout dependant). Each shooter is set up with their own unique login and password. There is no limit to the number of squads that can be set up. At the end of a squadding round a squad results page is displayed which can be printed or saved locally as a PDF file. For Club use there is also the added feature of recording the purchased credits of a shooter.

Exercises Module

Create Exercise Plans with the Exercises module. Developed to support the shooter in practising their identified area/target of weakness using ATA, DTL and ABT layouts. This can be used by the shooter alone or in conjunction with a program set by a coach. For Instructional Shooting with squads each individual shooter will still have the ability to work independently on his/her specific weakness. The module includes multiple exercises for the shooter to perform as well as the ability to set different target angles and even determine how many degrees the trap oscillator goes back and forth. This module also provides analysis of results which can be saved locally, printed or emailed to a coach.

Report Generator

See your area of weakness in black & white. Report Generator produces an analysis of a shooter’s performance, an excellent tool for instructors and shooters whom are particularly focussed on improvement. It highlights your areas of weakness from your shooting results, providing you with the information you need to create exercise plans. A great addition to the Exercises module.

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