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Who’s Using DryFire


DryFire is the ideal way to get a lot of practise when learning the skills of clay shooting. If you are sensible you will book a series of lessons with the club instructor then you need all the practise you can get. DryFire allows you to practise any time, anywhere; at home or at work and it helps you to develop the skills that will rapidly get you ready for competition shooting.You’ve bought the gun, the jacket, the ear defenders, the safety glasses, the cap and the ammo, you’ve joined the club and had the lessons – now’s the time to practise so that you can pulverise those clays!


Competition shooters

Shooting under competition conditions is stressful – no matter how easy the guy standing next to you makes it look (that’s just gamesmanship!) Competitions are not the place to practise – they are the place where you want to be 100% confident that your technique is perfect. Between competitions you need to build on your existing skills as you improve your average and move up through the classes. DryFire allows you to chose the time and place for practise and lets you shoot one round or fifty rounds without worrying about the weather or travelling to the club. You may want to try a new technique – follow through instead of maintained lead for example – DryFire allows you to give a new technique a fair chance without risking your competition scores.


An expert is the first one to recognise that practise makes perfect. Without practise, skills begin to erode, muscle learning begins to decay and the mind begins to wander because the art of 100% concentration is lost. Experts know that beginners can quickly improve their skills because they are starting from a low base, but keeping high scores, and improving on them, is a serious problem. DryFire can provide you with better practise than the club because you will have to maintain a high level of concentration for a longer period of time. With DryFire in front of you, every time you call “Pull” you get a target. There is no moving between stands, no waiting for someone else on the squad to shoot – just 100% dedicated full-time practise. If you have the concentration skills to maintain high scores for half an hour with DryFire then you will have the skills to build your scores in competition.


Even Instructors needn’t fear Dryfire – in fact, we’ve gone ahead and written a letter in direct response to any fears you might have about our simulator – it explains why DryFire is great when used as an instruction aid and why you consider sharing it with your students today. Feel free to read it here.


Remember, DryFire provides a serious training aid to those who want it, but it’s also fantastic FUN!

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