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The Dryfire Trigger Box

Attaching the Trigger Box

Set your shotgun on SAFETY.

  1. Fix the trigger box to the action of your shotgun using the velcro provided, there are 3 button cell batteries already inserted.

  2. Fix the trigger switch to your trigger, insert the muzzle insert into the top barrel, insert both plugs into the control box and test that the LED flashes when you gently press the trigger switch.

NOTE: Holding down the trigger switch for more than 5 seconds will set the trigger box into “set/release mode” where the slot is fired on releasing the trigger rather than on pressing it.

To change back to normal mode remove the batteries, hold the trigger switch down for 10 secs and re-insert the batteries.

Trigger not working?

The red box LED should flash when the trigger is pressed, not when it is released. Take the batteries out, hold down the trigger switch for 15 secs, put the batteries back. It should now be back in trigger mode.

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