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An Ideal Setup


An ideal setup

All simulator measurements are taken from the top centre of

the spirit level.

All shooter measurements are taken from the location of the shooter’s eye when in the mount position.

  • Simulator 1.5m from the wall.

  • Simulator 0.75m from the floor (on a tripod)

  • Shooter 2.5m from the wall – standing directly behind the simulator with full gun movement left/right and up/down.

For trap disciplines, call a few targets then use a strip of masking tape on the wall to mark the location of the trap house as a reference point for hold position. The target laser movement starts from the trap position (lower down, inside the trap house – the laser won’t actual appear until there is nothing between it and the shooter) so for left-going targets it will appear to the left of the trap house location and for right-going targets it will appear to the right.

Room Angles

This diagram shows two positions for the shooter for a given width of wall. The simulator remains in the same position in both cases.

It is obvious that position 2 offers a much narrower maximum swing angle than position 1.

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